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Music Submission


We are always looking for GREAT GOSPEL MUSIC for airplay on our station as we like to keep our vast gospel library fresh. A majority of the music we receive each day comes to us from various national radio promoters that deal with sending out music to radio stations.  We do also receive dozens of emails weekly from independent artists and here are a few tips we’ve accumulated for submission.

Check our playlist and charts to see if you really think your music would fit on a station like ours. We do play only gospel music but specialize only in a few sub-genres — traditional, contemporary and quartet. We do not have holy hip-hop, gospel jazz, instrumental gospel or rap gospel in our regular rotation. Please do not take this personally, but your music may not fit our format.

Music submitted must be well produced with the highest caliber broadcast quality, fully mixed and mastered. We do not accept demos. We also ask that your radio edit be less than four (4) minutes, thirty (30) seconds in length.

We only we receive independent music submissions through the form below. All email submissions are ignored and deleted. We do have strict submission guidelines and because of the sheer volume of submissions, we must insure that all of the information we need is gathered. Your single music be registered with Neilson BDS  and must be available on the major digital platforms in order for us to consider your submission. If your song is already in the Billboard Gospel TOP 50 we’ve probably already received it from a radio promoter. If your song is not in the Billboard Gospel TOP 30 yet and  you’d like to increase your chance of airplay, you may submit your song below.

We listen to as much of the music we get in as possible, however, because of the large influx of music we receive it takes us a while to get through our queue.

We do not do verbal or email tracking of music because we are monitored by Neilson BDS and by Digital Radio Tracker. Please receive your your spin information from those sources. We also tag many artists via Twitter the songs we play.

Please understand that due to the volume of submissions you will only get a response from Black Gospel Radio if there is interest in or questions regarding your song submission.

Please submit the information below. Leaving any part this information incomplete will eliminate the possibility of review. Song submission does not guarantee airplay.


This will only be used to update you on your song submission. Please subscribe to our newsletter where your song may be featured.
Current city/state of residence. Please provide country if outside of US.


Please provide all song information for submission to be considered for airplay.
ARTIST NAME music be identical to that registered with Neilson/BDS and Medibase.
SONG TITLE music be identical to that as registered with Neilson/BDS / Mediabase.
We do not accept independent submissions for airplay that are longer than 4 minutes 30 seconds. Songs that are 4 minutes or less are preferred.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
JPG or PNG; Perfect square; Aspect ratio at least 1000 x 1000 pixels in size;
COVER SHOULD NOT INCLUDE: Email addresses. URLS/websites , contact info (this includes social handles), pricing, animations, something that suggests format of the release (CD, DVD), names of digital stores or their logos, words that express temporality, like “new”, “latest single”, “limited edition” or “exclusive”


This is important for us to insure that our listeners have access to your music to download/stream. Songs from unsigned artists unavailable online will not be considered.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Song should be a minimum of 128kbps. Music submitted must be of broadcast quality and fully mixed and mastered.
NO DEMOS. *For Neilson BDS airplay detection, your music must be registered with this agency.


We do check social media accounts as part of our review process.
This must be a FACEBOOK ARTIST PAGE (no individual pages)


Just a sentence or 2 about the artist and/or song.
We are a BDS / Digital Radio Tracked station and we typically play those songs already getting traction at radio. If it not being played elsewhere, please write none.


Black Gospel Radio does have promotional opportunities for artists, music and businesses.
Check all that apply.
Checking the box above authorizes Black Gospel Radio to edit the song for airplay for excessive length, excessive intro/outro (talking, ect.), excessive name tags, etc. to air on our station. If you are not in agreement, then we may choose not provide airplay of your song on our station.


IMPORTANT: Song submission does not guarantee airplay.  

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